The Syn Trac multi-purpose tractor combines the qualities of agility, power and control in one highly automated unit.

Not only did the development of the revolutionary mid-engined construction represent a massive challenge for the engineers but also for the designers. Both the tall proportions and the visual integration of the cab required some special panel graphic treatment.

© Syn Trac GmbH

Clearly visible on first prototype are the signature features: The four wheel steering, the fully glazed 360° vision cab and the automatic front docking unit.

© Syn Trac GmbH

At the rear of the vehicle is an identical automatic docking unit. The above image shows the Syn Trac being manoeuvred towards a trailer during the docking operation.

At the demopark in Eisenach in 2019, where the Syn Trac was awarded a gold medal.

In the same year it was also nominated for a Design Staatspreis in Vienna.

Gallery: Demonstrating it’s snow clearing prowess (all photos courtesy of Syn Trac GmbH):

Gallery: Syn Trac in it’s role as a tipper truck (all photos courtesy of Syn Trac GmbH).

Gallery: Feeling at home working in the woods (all photos courtesy of Syn Trac GmbH).

Gallery: Roadside or open field mowing operations (all photos courtesy of Syn Trac GmbH).

Last but not in addition to the brilliant team of engineers at Syn Trac I want to add some additional key players essential in realising this project (all from Austria): Peter Eher-Andersen at blue-design in Zell am See: Kerbl Modellbau GmbH in Styer: Manfred Fally and the rest of the team at Walter Mauser GmbH in Breitenau.