SILOKING Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH is one of the world leaders in feed mixing technology for the milk industry.

The starting point was the search for a new cab supplier. This provided the perfect opportunity to change the look of not just the Compact 1612, but the whole range of SILOKING SelfLine machines.

The Compact 1612 model during the loading up (milling) and mixing of feed in a typical silo situation.

The LED functional light beam is proof that working lights can be a visual hi-light and not just an ugly necessity.

This concept design illustration is an early attempt to link the cab design with the 1000+ machine, which at the time looked like the model in the inserted picture (top left). Not for the first time SILOKING have been awarded a prize: AgroFarm Best Product Award 2019

The restraints of low volume production means that the panel design options are limited to non-tooled production processes. This three dimensional limitation makes a designer’s job all the more challenging, a challenge that we relish!

The eTruck represents a first step for SILOKING towards a environmentally friendlier zero emission future.

Last but not in addition to the brilliant team of engineers at SILOKING I want to add one additional key player in realising this project: Adolf Hangler and team at Lugstein Cabs in Freiburg, Austria.