The SYN TRAC multi-purpose tractor combines the qualities of agility, power and control in one highly automated unit.

Not only did the development of the revolutionary mid-engined construction represent a massive challenge for the engineers but also for the designers. Both the tall proportions and the visual integration of the cab required some special panel graphic treatment.

Clearly visible on first prototype are the signature features: The four wheel steering, the fully glazed 360° vision cab and the automatic front docking unit.

At the rear of the vehicle is an identical automatic docking unit. The above image shows the SYN TRAC being manoeuvred towards a trailer in what is a hands-free docking operation.

SYN TRAC was awarded a gold medal at the demopark trade show 2019
Here are some pictures of the two SYN TRAC’s at the show in Eisenach in June.

Click-on-gallery: Demonstrating it’s snow clearing prowess:

Click-on-gallery: SYNTRAC in it’s role as a tipper truck.

Click-on-gallery: Feeling at home working in the woods.

Click-on-gallery: Roadside or open field mowing operations.

Last but not in addition to the brilliant team of engineers at SYN TRAC I want to add some additional key players essential in realising this project (all from Austria): Peter Eher-Andersen at blue-design in Zell am See: Kerbl Modellbau GmbH in Styer: Manfred Fally and the rest of the team at Walter Mauser GmbH in Breitenau.

April 11, 2019